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Hi there friend  Bob is going to be used and instrumentalized by our  social -nationalist politicians in their so called Peace Process here in the Basque Country, paying for his singing at a festival that the authorities will make free with the money of all. A false process and a false war. Spain gave a general amnesty in 1979 with the restoration of democracy to all, but the Basque terrorist - not freedom fighters- group ETA refused it. And for the next 30 years went alone killing over 800 inocent people with 5000 injured.Any kind of people have been killed, from women and children to retired military, from business men to simple politicians.At the same time, the Basque region enjoyed one of the most autonomous regime known in Europe with everything important transferred, from education to health care, from police to taxes. And now, with over 500 activists in prison, the band says it,s time to sit down and negotiate, but in no moment have we heard any single word of repent for their crimes, what’s more, political intimidation and monetary extortion goes on. But all this seems not important for our young and -self declared- "Red" new president,Zapatero who, we, the spanish people still doubt that he and his "red friends" from the Basque and Morocco countries had nothing to do with the Madrid 11th of march attacks.where 190 people died.And so,  now they think Bob will help them making believe that Peace is coming, just when the whole world has learned that Bob is not and never was , " a pacifist", but is the man who wrote the lyrics of "Man Of Peace" instead. And also the man to have said not many good things about patriotism itself. What an irony it is that the ones who have always hated Bob for his jewness and his americanism are now praising him.But his true followers know very well for whom his bells toll, for the victim that died two thousand years ago to save us all. The Victim, not the killer.

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17/06/2006 00:48. plotino #. BOB DYLAN

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