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Why New Rock Groups Dont Do Dylan Covers?


Bob dylan himself didnt start composing his own songs, he just played and sang traditional folk songs that everybody was supposed to know. Nowdays, young groups as soon as they are given a chance go out and pretend they deserve all attention to their own songs.But that is not the way, that is not going to work.They will not be much known a few hundred miles away from their homes.They will simply pass away like the clouds that cross the skies everyday

Take this new group from my country,Tulsa .Listen to  the  girl singer Miren Iza , she has the feeling, the touch, she makes you fly with the band playing really good ,like we have never heared a spanish band sound like this. And the lyrics are good, stripped feelings, though maybe a bit too enclosed in a particular after teen mood.

But what strikes me more is the fact that  many of these young singers and band memebers confess themselves as fans of Bob Dylan.why not then pay him due respect? Are they not aware of the enormous consideration the  musical world has for Bob?And not only the musical world.Whenever i come across an album of songs by someone i dont know and i find among the songs a dylan cover, i inmediately take this as a sign of wit, and i will want to know who this band is , and i will respect them, even if the rest of the songs are not of my choice.

12/05/2007 16:33. plotino #. BOB DYLAN

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