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LUCKY YOU -- Music from the Motion Picture. Various Artists. Columbia Records/Sony Music.


But make no mistake –it’s “Huck’s Tune,” written by Bob Dylan for this film, that is the album’s centerpiece, standing alone as and one of the finest melodies and most brilliant vocal performances Dylan has featured in the last decade.

Simply, “Huck’s Tune” is a stunning achievement – both musically and for its poetry, a song that captures the ache and the essence of growing old, a song that captures the taste of time as it unravels into landscapes and secret lives re-formed into long sweet new memory pools.

In “Huck’s Tune,” Dylan’s voice encases the music as tight as a glove and refuses to let go, compelling us to live through the characters on screen, driving us to put ourselves in Huck’s skin as we answer our own question -- just what makes a guy take to this kinda life anyway?

Dylan’s delivery on this piece is reminiscent of the way Johnny Cash used to sing in the latter days of his career – sometimes breathless, sometimes searching, the poet at the edge of himself and the stage, looking for answers in human words, looking for answers that just might not exist at the invisible throes of this threshold:

The game’s gotten old

The deck’s gone cold

I’m gonna have to

Put you down

For awhile…”

 "Huck’s Tune" by Bob Dylan.


22/05/2007 07:00. plotino #. BOB DYLAN

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