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Gems from Bob


Roger McGuinn of the Byrds said that above all else, he rates Dylan as one of rock's greatest poets: "I've always admired Bob's work, and we've gotten along well over the years. I think Bob's most admirable quality is his sense of songwriting ability, his lyrics. I've compared him to Shakespeare


Rolling Stone magazine's associate editor Austin Scaggs says that the constantly touring Dylan is just as mysterious in his 60s as he was 40 years ago: "I don't think he travels with family. I think he has that bus all to himself. I think inside the bus, I think he has books, he has a typewriter, he has some sort of outlet to listen to music. I think he's constantly listening to new music, or old music. But who knows? What does he do all day? Does he work on the next volume of his book? Does he write new songs?"

"Shooting Star" mp3
 "God Knows" mp3
"Born In Time" mp3
"Dignity" mp3

Outtakes from Oh Mercy, 1989.

"Hazel" mp3

From MTV Unplugged Afternoon Rehearsals, 1995.

"Tombstone Blues" mp3

Alternate version from Highway 61 Revisited, 1965.

"I'm Your Teenage Prayer" mp3

From The Basement Tapes, 1967

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