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I`m Not There -Review by John Hume


I saw the movie when it opened here a few days ago (Friday 7th Sept), so a few brief comments....

We had arranged to meet some friends in a wine bar about an hour from Catania on friday evening, so we had to catch an early showing on friday afternoon...
We went to a new multiplex cinema which just opened a few weeks ago, not far from where we live, so with 9 or 10 movies to choose from, I wasn't expecting there to be many/any people in the theatre with us...
A total of 5 showed up, including Valeria and myself.... a couple in their 70's and another guy in his 70's... maybe pensioners got in free that afternoon, and they had nothing else to do, but get inside out of the heat!?

I hadn't read many of the articles on the web beforehand, so I didn't have any idea what to expect, other than a strange movie, which turned out to be true.
I had seen a few brief clips on local TV, as it had been getting some coverage on Italian TV because it was showing at the venice film Festival....

Visually it is excellent!!! lots of recreations of well known images and photos from the 60's, and scenes from DLB and ETD and NDH, and a few in jokes for the hardcore fans....
A couple of laugh out loud moments which I won't spoil for you if they haven't been shown in clips already.

I'd read a few reviews commenting on Cate Blanchett, varying from 'wonderful, and she deserves an oscar' and more recently, that she was the worst thing in the movie and her performance was terrible. This latter reviewer obviously wasn't a dylan fan... her hand gestures and movements are captivating!!! you end up watching her hands in each scene, as she has captured Dylan perfectly.... spookily even!!! you'll see what I mean when you view the movie.

I didn't like some of the other artistes cover versions, with the exception of Antony singing 'Goin to Acapulco'.... one of my favourite moments in the movie actually. He had previously done a stunning version of 'Hallelujah' on the Leonard Cohen tribute documentary/Cd and has a brilliant voice.

I can't comment extensively on the dialogue, as they had dubbed the movie in Italian here, a common occurrence, rather than show the original with subtitles, and my Itlaian isn't fluent enough to grasp the whole text..
Even the poster has the title 'Io Non Sono Qui', which would translate as I am not here..... instead of there

Overall I enjoyed the first hour or more much more than the latter part of the movie.... for me, it tended to drag in the second half, but you may disagree.

So, a must see for any Dylan fans, but of little or no interest to anyone else I would think.

John Hume

Esteemed Dylan photograper


10/09/2007 21:09. plotino #. BOB DYLAN

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