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Bob Dylan Yom Kippur siting, 2007

An email I received today:
Since you have a web page on the subject, here’s a sighting if you’re interested -

Bob Dylan on Yom Kippur/Shabbat 5768 (Sep. 22 2007) in Atlanta, GA -

He had a show that night at an arena just outside of town and ours was the Chabad shul most convenient to his hotel.

He had the 5th Aliyah (he had asked for one) and left after Yizkor.

His Rabbi in California called my Rabbi the day before to make arrangements and was very specific.  He said, and I quote verbatim what I was told by one who was present during the call, that “he hates people” and wanted to be left utterly alone.  He didn't want anyone coming up to him and saying anything... not "Welcome," not "Shabbat Shalom," nothing.  Not even the Rabbi was to come up and say hello.  He wanted 3 reserved seats out of the way in the back for himself, his road manager and personal manager (though some say one was a bodyguard).

But he asked for the Aliyah nonetheless and wore a large black knit ski/pimp hat instead of a kippah.  There was no way the cat didn't stand out in the crowd.  When he had his Aliyah you could hear a pin drop, but he muttered so softly that only the guys on the bima could hear him.

Some details that only a Jewish Dylan fan would appreciate:
    •    He was seated in the midst of Israelis, none of whom had a clue who he was.
    •    Dylan’s Hebrew name as he gave it on the bima is Zushia ben Avraham, not Shabtai Zisel.  Why the difference, I don’t know... either the latter has been wrong all these years or he changed it, but what he said was absolutely clear to everyone who heard him.
    •    When a Mi Sheberach was made after his Aliyah, he gave the names of four kids.  The Gabai asked, “Any other children?”  He said, “I have a lot of kids, just go ahead.”
    •    His Aliyah pledge was for “Tzedakah,” meaning amount to be determined.  The Rabbi is still wondering if it was all worth it or not.
I told my Rabbi, “If he ever comes on a different Shabbat or Yom Tov and you invite him for a meal without inviting me as well, you and I are through.”  He laughed and said, “I’m told he only comes to shul on Yom Kippur, so don’t hold your breath.”
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