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Drawings by Bob Dylan


CHEMNITZ, Germany - An exhibition of a unique collection of artworks by Bob Dylan, including variations of previously published drawings and sketches, has opened at a museum in this eastern German city.

Visitors flocked to the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz museum Sunday to see the 170 colored versions of pictorial motifs by Dylan called, “The Drawn Blank Series.”

The exhibit consists of drawings that Dylan produced between 1989 and 1992 and published in a book. Curator Ingrid Moessinger had 332 of the works specially reprinted and painted, and Dylan then selected 170 works for display.

“Bob Dylan selected the works for the exhibit himself,” Moessinger said.

The pictures show scenes from daily life: portraits of women and men, still lifes, cityscapes and other places that Dylan, 66, observed during his travels. The exhibit runs through Feb. 3.

Art historian Frank Zoellner said the works reflect Dylan’s music.

“The landscapes are very peaceful,” said Zoellner, while noting depictions of interiors often lacked a center, giving them a sense of restlessness.

A guiding theme in the drawings are variations of the same motives — much in the way Dylan performs his music, Zoellner said.

“On stage, Dylan never plays any song the same way twice,” Zoellner said.

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