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Dallas, Texas-February 21, 2008


Review by Steinar Daler

Bob was ON from the very start in this very nice venue. Pill-box was fine and It ain't me babe too. 
Watching the river flow was very good - great singing and the band really swings. 
A bit sad that Bob put down the guitar after the 3 first songs, but anyway his guitarplaying or pianoplaying do not add much to the music. 
His voice was fine all through the concert and Danny was the guitar maestro tonight. I have seldom seen him so much to the front.
 Girl of the north country  with Bob on harmonica and Rollin' and Thumblin' were solid too and Workingman's blues one of the highlights tonight. 
Beautiful singing and great phraing. High water was as normal with maybe Donny's banjo not load enough in the mix. 
Spirit on the water was another highlight, extraordinary singing by Bob in my ears. Can't wait was next up and had a new arrangement. 
The melody sounded allmost like High water and was not too sucsessful. Highway 61 was as we heard it before and solid as usual, Positively 4th street as well.
 Honest with me was also as usual - boring. Nettie Moore was of course fine, but not as beautiful as before. 
The change of mood between the verses and the choire was missing - defenitely not an improvement. 
Summer days was uninspired and I feared the Bob had finished his energy for tonight, but he finished of the main set with a really fine Ballad of a thin man. 
Best version I have heard in years. His phrasing and singing was perfect. Ancors without LARS and Watchtower were also great. 
Both Thunder on the mountain and Blowing in the wind were good to hear. Overall a good solid concert. 
What I will remember best was Wokingman's blues and Thin man - really great and for sure I will remember Danny's guitarplaying. 
Never heard it better. Bob looked in good shape and for the one who wonders, he is still wearing the same white hat, but there is no longer a flashy ring on his hand.
 I'm looking foreward to the next two concerts and hopefully a lot of different songs.  
22/02/2008 10:03. plotino #. BOB DYLAN

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