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Special features and tips about the Centauro

Here are some reports about knowledge and infos what to do and what can be done


Groundline: It is absolutly necessary to connect the regulators housing to battery

minus via a 4 mm² line. It MUST be installed. This "always" missing

cable is the reason for voltage peaks destroying the ecu. Without this

cable the total amount of current has to go through the stearing


Valve clearance: The new and only correct valve clearance is 0.15/ 0.20mm (in/out).

This is 0.05mm more than described in your handbook but absolutly

necessary for a longtime stability and 10.000km maintenance

intervalls. Without it, even the idle run is worse.

Oillevel engine: 10mm over the max sign (fully screwed in)

Engineoil: Synthetic, 10W60, 1oW50 or 20W60. Never 5W... or 0W...

Oillevel gear box: Synthetic, 0,60l. Forget about the level indicator

Oillevel cardan: Synthetic, 0,20l. Forget about the level indicator

If oil is comming out of the front of the cardan box you may change

the shaft seal. There is place for TWO!

If the oil is comming out on other places, make a little whole in the

filling screw, connect it with a plastic tube as high as possible. I have

this tube going towards the gearbox and back under the seat ending

near the ecu.

The fork has to be stick through by 10mm (see in the workshop manual, free available in

the www).

Never use sintermetal break pads.

Fuelfilter: Mahle KL14, Art. 07637655 or MANN WK 613

Oilfilter: MANN W712/52

Brake caliper: Change the standard 8.8 screws, connecting the two halfs of each

front brake caliper by 12.9 Inbus (M8x40mm, cylinder head screw).

Use 40 Nm! The brake power will be linear instead of degressive!

Fuelpreasure: Connect the fuel preasure gauge with one or both intakes. It will

increase the drivability during changes of load (see my description of


Cam belt: Contitech Syncroforce CXP STD 640-S8M-20 with 80 teath.

Any questions:

Karsten Steinke


Tel.: +49-2922-85266

29/05/2008 18:07. plotino #. MOTO GUZZI

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