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On islam

Would someone explain to me why we spend billions fighting terrorist who are sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Qatar the ars*s of both which are kissed frantically and furiously by our government.

Kill the paymasters and the the employees will die also. The Saudis threatened to disrupt the winter games in
Russia because they could not get their own way. However, Putin convinced them that if they wanted their country in one piece they would think no more about it. Suffice to say the winter games were not disrupted.

We should break off diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, as should any other country sick of fighting terrorists. If there is a war to be fought its against the Saudis and their evil wahabism.

How can we send our troops to war knowing full well they are fighting against terrorist sponsored by Saudi Arabia. To hell with our arms exports to them. For too long we have been kissing the Saudi ar*e.

Its time we gave it a damn good kicking.

13/12/2015 00:00. plotino #. THIS WORLD

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