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On islam

Where is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, unlike the Pope you never see him out and about..... How pathetic that a man who has declared himself as the caliph is never seen!.... Why doesn't he lead his brutal army from the front, instead of giving orders while hiding in a cave?.... The Pope goes out in public to spread his message! He was even in Kenya not that long ago, We've never seen Abu there talking to al shabaab....you scared Abu? is your faith in Allah only surface deep, and not enough to come out of hiding!..... And your sermon at the Grand Mosque in Mosul where you anointed yourself as the caliph failed to mention a few critical key points, that you purposely avoided because you know you're a Fugazzi a FAKE CALIPH!!! a murderous tyrant using religion as a cheap armour to acquire rank and political power!

13/12/2015 00:30. plotino #. THIS WORLD

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