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On the situation today

George Soros and Erdogan have both stated they want to see the EU taken down and Europe Islamised, and it is their money that is funding it.

Once there was a trickle, then there seemed to be a flood, all very cleverly coordinated and organised. These people almost all have fake Syrian passports, and yet all seemed to come from different Islamic countries from all over the world..... and all at the same time.

They must have got funding fom somewhere, how can so many from poverty stricken backgrounds all seem to come together all at once and all seem to have the thousands of dollars to pay for their journey.

This is definitely arranged and coordinated like I say, this s not organic, this is a massive Islamic call to arms... Oh yes, there are a tiny % that are refugees.... those will be the women and children sprinkled in knowing the western media would focus on them alone, which they have.

I am sorry, but this i n v a sion is 80% jihadi. It carries all the hallmarks, and I am quite frankly stunned that 90% of Europe's leaders and security services have not yet worked it all out... Or are they involved????

I personally fancy the latter.,, This is an engineered civil war drawn across cultural lines, a deliberate clash of civilisations and ideals. They know this is going to be a spark to ignite the bigger plan.... These muslims are acting as the useful idiots and they will have agent provocateurs amongst them, leading them.. These are installed and funded by the new world order who want total control over everyone, massive surveillance and basically have everyone enslaved.

Also what better system to force us to live under than Sharia where people live in constant terror and fear, and thus easier to control.

If this happens and they get their way, I hope Russia and China trigger WW3...... The end of times has got to be better than an isl;amic future.
07/01/2016 17:28. plotino #. THIS WORLD

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