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Gia - my guitar


Gia -

I push her around all over the bars
I beat her up on top of peoples cars
Drag her around by her neck near and far
If I could I would kick her ass on mars

Oh dont feel bad for her, she likes it rough
I know she can take it, my babys tough
Shes hot, sexy, beautiful and, stuff
Shes with me always like were handcuffed

Im going to finger her until I see stars
Im pickin out a fight with my guitar


Ariel Katana

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You say here kitty


You say here kitty, ain’t she so pretty, and just itty bitty, one pussy meow now, sneaky kitty poppin out, sniffing for a trout, wiggle booty and mount, in your lap about, lip lickin and bitten, smitten with this kitten, you found me drifting, now here be sitting, lick my white mittens, give you some spitting, rub on your leg, pet loves to beg, wanting on some drink, milk lapping trembling thing, give me some swimmy, showing off, see me,can’t be set free, sitting in a tree, humming on top thee

Ariel Katana


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Government guns




Government guns, shooting to slay, innocent sons, by the highway, where they were drug, their bodies lay, no grave was dug,

children should play, so anyway, pray that they may, not become prey, not see the day, shots spray their way,

A kill team scheme, for a psycho, war is a dream, didn’t you know, all doped up, made false threats up, and blew men up, is it true? Yep

Not Taliban, those soldiers hunt, but peaceful men, put on a front, then foreign guns, placed at the scene,

All in good fun, how could it be? That a hero, is an enemy


Ariel Katana

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