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1967 remains rock'n'roll's greatest year



 1967 was rock music's greatest, most significant year and the Beatles were the era's greatest band


In rock music, every year has its masterpieces and timeless classics, but no year showcased as much brilliance as 1967. It was music that changed the world.

 The Monterey Pop Festival was the first of the great outdoor rock festivals

Monterey attracted 200,000 people to northern California: they came to watch more than 30 popular bands and soloists, from the wild Janis Joplin and the Doors to the gentle Simon and Garfunkel. At one point, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones took the stage to introduce the next act: "I'd like to introduce a very good friend, a fellow countryman of yours. He's the most exciting performer I've ever heard - the Jimi Hendrix Experience."

As it happens to be, I married a psycodelic girl born on  the first day of August  in 1967.The same day The Beatles released Hey Jude. And  to this day she shines with the light of a thousand stars  and whoever comes close to her falls under her spell. 


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