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The Eye In The Bob Dylan Shows

20070110135742-the-eye-in-the-bob-dylan-shows.jpgThe Eye represents the All-Seeing-Eye, which in mystical symbolism represents The Silent Watcher. In many of the organised religions and cults such as Egyptology, Masonry, etc., it represents, at lower levels, the one God watching over. In reality it is our own Inner God ... that which is connected to all life and not a force to be in abeyance to, other than within the boundaries of our evolution.

Therefore, the Eye represents Truth that is permanent and available within everyone. The Crown on top of the eye is a representation of attainment, and therefore the Mastership which is possible by consciously becoming The Silent Watcher and acknowledging its authority within, rather than as an external entity.

The Flame breaking from the Crown is the Enlightenment that occurs when spiritual direction is achieved and Truth can be seen as an event rather than a quality. When one understands, rather than knows intellectually ... the difference between wisdom and knowledge.
10/01/2007 13:57. plotino #. BOB DYLAN

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