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On the situation today

Things to Do.
1. Establish an operational base in IRAQ. This will leverage Iran. Why strategically we would undertake a war at great cost and then throw away the chance to set up a base at the door of our sworn enemies, Iran, was stupidity at its height. There is all the leverage we would need to stop the Mullahs and their thug. Start building up men and material on the Iran border and see the Mullahs change their tune. If we only have a year to do this, now is the time.
2. Quit the medical isotope dance with Russia. Like Clinton said (it is the economy stupid) It was Russia, N Korea, and Germany that got the world in this hole. Make our so called allies, that have been benefiting for decades, by not having to spend on defense.. step up to the plate and put it on the line. Sarkozy and the French talk tough, but that is all it is,, is a bunch of blabber. The Germans should be made accountable for their sales of restricted products like the centrifuges to Iran. They and the Russians have put the world in this situation for the pursuit of a Mark (Germany) and an attempt to turn back the clock (Russia). When and if the time comes to invade, put their troops in the first wave. They are the ones that deserve that honor.
3. Like they said in Pulp Fiction, "Go Medieval on their Ass". Think Siege, put real sanctions in place and execute a naval and air blockade of all trade. No weak kneed humane exceptions. If you are getting the bomb, you will starve. Make your choice. That is, "Remember the Maine" big stick foreign policy. This is where slapping around a bunch of our so called allies will help also.

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