"Photographing in Colorado with Australian photographer Pete Dobre we drove from Aspen back into Ridgway in the late afternoon. I’d never been to Colorado before and was enamored with a sense of quaintness about the scenes and little surrounding towns. So different than the feel of my desert world. As we were driving in, this amazing sunset unfolded and we pulled over like photographers possessed and shot from the side of the road to catch this fleeting scene.

I’d never realized till later that for me, this particular shot captured the "feeling" of quaint that I was trying so hard to define. The little homes, nestled among the larger than life landscapes, fireplaces burning, farms bustling and life happening as the day was ending under a beautifully painted sky."

Valerie Millet

Landscape photographer, USA


Part of Speech:     adjective

Definition:     strange, odd

Synonyms:     bizarre, curious, droll, eccentric, erratic, fanciful, fantastic, freakish, freaky, funny, idiosyncratic, laughable, oddball, off the beaten track, offbeat, original, outlandish, peculiar, queer, singular, special, unusual, weird*, whimsical

Antonyms:     common, conventional, regular, usual


* = informal/non-formal usage