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the heroic White Russian General Baron Poitr Wrangel

Britain and France started the First Crimean War in 1854, to sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet and to give the land back to the Ottomans.
The British shelled and the French and Turks stormed with bayonet the Sevastopol fortress. For one year the Russian peasant soldiers beat back all the bayonet attacks with rifle butts, and long clubs.
The War did not go well for the Allies.
If NATO decides to start a Second Crimean War it will be a disaster.


In 1920, the Ukrainian, anarchist, marxist warlord Nestor Makhno decided NOT TO SUPPORT the heroic White Russian General Baron Poitr Wrangel, who was fighting for the Crimea.
Instead Nestor Makhno sided with Leon Trotsky, and their vile Red Army. The Ukrainians and their Red allies drove the Russian White Army out of South Russia. To celebrate their victory, Lenin and Trotsky invited the Ukrainian leaders to a party in Moscow. During this party, the CHEKA arrested all the Makhno leaders and shot them all.

If Nestor Makhno had decided to help General Baron Poitr Wrangel, then perhaps the Russian White Army may have won the Civil War. Today the Ukraine would be a rich, independent, democratic, computer literate country like Finland.

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