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On The Situation Today

 Outsiders will never be told this by the propaganda machines, but we in the US who care about our country and the rule of law know full well that obama hates the US and is doing everything in his power to distribute our wealth around the world. Like it or not, our wealth has been created by hard work and ingenuity. Not just war and taking from other countries as most claim. The combustion engine, the auto, the lightbulb, electricity, telephone, television, radio, and on and on none have anything to do with war. It is the entrepreneurial heart and freedoms this country once provided us that made us who we are and once were. Now, the europeans have brought this keynesian socialist communist cra to the US and have destroyed our wealth and our moral character via hijacking our universities, banking and media complexes. Laws are being enacted to punish the hard working entrepreneurial class in this country, most of whom have nothing to do with wall street. The cronyism and printing of money is killing our freedoms. Taxes are no longer used to fund the govt. they are used to steal from the prudent, ethical hard working folks. At some point we will revolt and the French Revolution will look like a Disney movie. We are 300 million people carrying nearly 200 million weapons. We are the largest weaponized civillian force on the planet and you can bet your ass, politial class or no politial class on board, we will fight to defend our country and way of life. We are waking slowly but surely. The first casualty will be the resolution and convictions of many in ou political and banking class. I am convinced this is just starting to warm up here in the US. So, sit back and enjoy the fireworks. We are fixing bayonets.

05/02/2015 20:41. plotino #. THIS WORLD

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