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Hi all!
I just tensioned the belts of the beast and I'd like to report to the group the way I did it because it's extremly simple yet a bit rough. Nevertheless I find it is better than "feel" tensioning, at least for me.
You only have to:
1) drill a 8mm hole in a 19mm wrench at 32mm from the centre of the fork (I mean the part that fits the bolt, sry for my poor english...)
2) bend the wrench so that when it is put on the nut of the tensioning pulley and on the hinge it will not interfere with the belt case
3) after having loosed the bolts, apply at the other end of the wrench a spring dynamometer (or whatever is called in english...I mean that tool made by a spring with a index and two hooks through which you can measure weights or forces) and pull with the needed force. This force is calculated by: F=T/a, where T is the prescribed torque in kilograms*meter and "a" is the distance in meters between the hinge and the point where the hook of the dynamometer is applied. In my case is a=0,16m so F=3kg, considering T=0.48kgm. Keep the dynamometer as orthogonal to the wrench as possible.

A  photo explains better than 1000 words...:



Hope it is clear.
Is better to get some help from someone because the wrench tends to slip away and you would need anyway a third arm to tighten the bolts...
The spring tool is obviously not as precise as a dynamometer wrench, but it does the job.
As you can see I completely removed the front frame. To do this you need to install new brake tubes, but I think it's worth because without the front frame changing and/or tensioning the belts becomes extremely comfortable and easier.



19/11/2008 18:00. plotino #. MOTO GUZZI

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