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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Enero de 2007.

1967 remains rock'n'roll's greatest year



 1967 was rock music's greatest, most significant year and the Beatles were the era's greatest band


In rock music, every year has its masterpieces and timeless classics, but no year showcased as much brilliance as 1967. It was music that changed the world.

 The Monterey Pop Festival was the first of the great outdoor rock festivals

Monterey attracted 200,000 people to northern California: they came to watch more than 30 popular bands and soloists, from the wild Janis Joplin and the Doors to the gentle Simon and Garfunkel. At one point, Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones took the stage to introduce the next act: "I'd like to introduce a very good friend, a fellow countryman of yours. He's the most exciting performer I've ever heard - the Jimi Hendrix Experience."

As it happens to be, I married a psycodelic girl born on  the first day of August  in 1967.The same day The Beatles released Hey Jude. And  to this day she shines with the light of a thousand stars  and whoever comes close to her falls under her spell. 


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The Eye In The Bob Dylan Shows

20070110135742-the-eye-in-the-bob-dylan-shows.jpgThe Eye represents the All-Seeing-Eye, which in mystical symbolism represents The Silent Watcher. In many of the organised religions and cults such as Egyptology, Masonry, etc., it represents, at lower levels, the one God watching over. In reality it is our own Inner God ... that which is connected to all life and not a force to be in abeyance to, other than within the boundaries of our evolution.

Therefore, the Eye represents Truth that is permanent and available within everyone. The Crown on top of the eye is a representation of attainment, and therefore the Mastership which is possible by consciously becoming The Silent Watcher and acknowledging its authority within, rather than as an external entity.

The Flame breaking from the Crown is the Enlightenment that occurs when spiritual direction is achieved and Truth can be seen as an event rather than a quality. When one understands, rather than knows intellectually ... the difference between wisdom and knowledge.
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The Haiku



 "A falling leaf, thought I,

Fluttering back to the branch-

Was a butterfly "



For centuries, the haiku has been an integral part of Japonese cultural and spiritual life - a concise,evocative verse form that crystallises the poet`s intuition of life,nature,and beauty.

In a tradition that stretches into the distant past, Japonese artists re-create haiku in paintings,transforming poetic visions into lasting images of beauty and colour.


The theme of Moritake`s  haiku is the harmony of man and nature


A butterfly, a falling leaf- they are the same in the mind of one who has beheld the unity of natur´s manifold handiwork.

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20070201122547-bob-79.jpg 5 diciembre 1979Albuquerque NM  Dylan: "Well, you know we're living now in the end times. I don't think there's anybody here who doesn't feel that in their heart. Scripture says, "in the last days, perilous times shall be at hand. Men shall become lovers of their own selves." Blasphemous, heavy, and high-minded. Now, I don't know who you're gonna vote for, but none of those people is gonna straighten out what's happening in the world now. You know what's happening right now, when you look at the Middle East? They're headed for a war. That's right, they're headed for war. There's gonna be war over there. I'd say maybe five years, maybe ten years, could fifteeen years, I don't know, but remember I told you right here.I told you "The Times They Are A-Changing" and they did. I said the answer was "Blowing In The Wind" and it was. And I'm saying to you now, Jesus is coming back, and he is. There is no other way to salvation. I know around here you've got a lot of different spiritual things. You've got a lot of gurus, I know you do. You've got a lot of people just putting a mess on you in all kinds of ways. You don't even know which way to believe. There's only one way to believe. There's only one way, the truth and the light. It took me a long time to figure that out before it did come to me. I hope it doesn’t take you that long. But Jesus is coming back to set up his kingdom in Jerusalem for a thousand years. I don't know if that's news to you, but I know you don't read it in the newspapers. But it's the truth. Alright. So don't you be worried now. Don't you be bothered by the events to come, because, if you're saved, you're saved. And if you're lost, you're lost."  
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