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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Mayo de 2009.

Liverpool, England May 1, 2009

Liverpool, England
Echo Arena
May 1, 2009

1. Watching The River Flow (Bob on keyboard)
2. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob on keyboard)
3. Things Have Changed (Bob on keyboard)
4. Boots Of Spanish Leather (Bob on guitar)
5. The Levee's Gonna Break (Bob on keyboard)
6. Sugar Baby (Bob on keyboard)
7. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Bob on keyboard)
8. Po' Boy (Bob on keyboard)
9. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (Bob on keyboard)
10. Just Like A Woman (Bob on keyboard)
11. Highway 61 Revisited (Bob on keyboard)
12. Something (Bob on keyboard)
13. Thunder On The Mountain (Bob on keyboard)
14. Like A Rolling Stone (Bob on keyboard)


15. All Along The Watchtower (Bob on keyboard)
16. Spirit On The Water (Bob on keyboard)
17. Blowin' In The Wind (Bob on keyboard)

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NOT THAT "TOGETHER": Bob Dylan uneven on new album

You might have missed some content in your review:


Talk about me babe, if you must
Throw on the dirt, pile on the dust
I’d do the same thing if I could
You know what they say
They say it’s all good
All good, it’s all good

"Talk about me babe, if you must" talk spread rumors; gossip:

’If you do that, people will talk’ this refers to the Singout

Magazine article by CPUSA member Irwin Silber accusing Bob Dylan

of selling out "Throw" put me suddenly or forcefully into a

given condition, position "on the dirt" in my grave "pile on the

dust" slang, ’Pile the shit on thick’ invent a pile of shit

about me! Restless Farewell "If the arrow is straight and the

point is slick it can piece through dust no matter how thick"

"I’d do the same thing if I could" if I were in your position I

would have done the same to you as I never believed a word you

said you goddamn commie! "You know what they say / They say it’s

all good" sarcastic: Communism sucks.

Big politicians telling lies
Restaurant kitchen, all full of flies
Don’t make a bit of difference
Don’t see why it should
But it’s all right
cos’ it’s all good, it’s all good, it’s all good

"Big politicians" communist politicians with grandiose ideas

"telling lies" lying to the public about the true nature of

Communism "Restaurant kitchens" commercial recording studios,

kitchen, as place where something is prepared "all full of

flies" full of Communist performers "Don’t make a bit of

difference" sarcastic, Dylan would not be bringing this up if he

was indifferent to it "Don’t see why it should" more sarcasm

"But it’s all right cos’ it’s all good."

"Kitchen" as recording studio; Liner Notes to the Freewheeling

Bob Dylan "After that I thumbed my way to Galveston, in four

days tryin’ to find an ol’ friend whose ma met me at the screen

door and said he’s in the Army. By the time the kitchen door

closed I was passin’ California" In Chronicles Dylan wrote that

he hitchhiked to Texas to hook up with a friend who had a band

but was rejected, screened out, and never made it to the

recording studio.

"Flies" as Communist performers, Some Other Kinds of Songs;

"johnny (little johnny)" Senator Joseph McCarthy "with his

father’s hammer" with Congressional legislation "nailed five

flies t’ the kitchen window�" caught five communist party

members who had recording contracts� "named all the girls" named

other Communists "that did it" who were in the Party "he did /

an’ never knew a / one that didn’t."

"Hammer" as legislation; Eleven Outlined Epitaphs "where state

lines" the borders of the Soviet State "don’t stand" are not

respected "an’ knowledge don’t count" and leftwing propaganda is

dismissed "when feelings are hurt" when people are oppressed

"an’ I am on the side a them hurt feelings / plunged on" cast

suddenly, violently, or deeply into a given state or situation

"by unsensitive hammers" by foreign (unsensitive) heartless

legislation "an’ made t’ bleed by rusty nails" and made to

suffer by antiquated laws. Hard Rain, "I saw a black branch with

blood that kept drippin’" I saw a black branch of humanity

suffering "I saw a room full of men with their hammers a-

bleedin’" I saw a Congress with legislation that was trimmed

off, "bleed" the part of the page that is trimmed off.

Wives are leaving their husbands, they’re beginning to roam
They leave the party, and they never get home
I wouldn’t change it, even if I could
You know what they say man
It’s all good, it’s all good, all good

"Wives are leaving their husbands" Communist Party members are

no longer wed to the strict party line "they’re beginning to

roam" they are becoming deviationists; Marxist term for someone

who does not follow the Party line "roam" as in drift, a gradual

deviation from an original course, model, method, or intention

"They leave the party" they quit the Communist Party "and they

never go home" and they never fully realize what sort of regime

they supported "home" a place of origin or headquarters: the

Kremlin, the Soviet Union "I wouldn’t change it, even if I

could" I would have liked to have forced them to have witnessed

the totalitarian society that they supported but "You know what

they say man / It’s all good, it’s all good, all good"

Brick by brick they tear you down
A teacup of water is enough to drown
You oughta know if they could they would
Whatever going down
It’s all good
All good, it’s all good

"Brick by brick" one by one the reliable sources "the good old

bricks" that you depend on for the information that you based

your worldview on "they tear you down" are denigrated, replaced

my Marxist thinkers "A teacup of water" the smallest amount of

sorrow for others "is enough to drown" is enough to make you

want to drown in sorrow and join the Left instead of thinking

about yourself "You oughta know if they could they would" but if

they had any individual value they would not have to hide behind

collectivism, they are doing so because they are inferior!

"Whatever going down" even if it’s a world class fraud being

perpetrated on Americans "It’s all good All good, it’s all good

People in the country, people on the land
Some of ’em so sick, they can hardly stand
Everybody would move away, if they could
It’s hard to believe, but it’s all good

"People in the country" dissidents deported to gulags "people on

the land" people in the motherland of the Soviet Union "Some of

’em so sick, they can hardly stand" some of the worked to death

by their Communist slave masters in Siberia that they are almost

dead "Everybody would move away, if they could" everyone would

leave that worker’s paradise, that shithole called the USSR if

they could get an exit visa, which they cannot "It’s hard to

believe" it is hard to believe that a country can keep so many

people virtual prisoners, "but it’s all good
Yeaaaa!" but that’s cool, hey it must be fun to be in a Soviet

political prison or mental hospital to which dissidents, many

who were Jewish, were committed.

The widows cry, the orphans bleed
Everywhere you look there’s more misery
Come away with me babe, I wish you would
You know what I’m saying
It’s all good, all good

"The widows cry" those whose loved ones have been killed by the

Communists; Liner Notes to John Wesley Harding wherein Dylan

describes the CPUSA, "They scorn the widow and abuse the child

but I am afraid that they shall not prevail over the young man’s

destiny, not even them!" "the orphans bleed" the anti-Castro

exile fighters incur casualties, Baby Blue "Yonder stands your

orphan with his gun / Crying like a fire in the sun" "Everywhere

you look there’s more misery" all the Communists do is increase

the amount of misery in the world, not ameliorate it or

eradicate it "Come away with me babe, I wish you would" move in

my direction, move to the right "You know what I’m saying" you

must know this from what I have just said, "It’s all good, all

good, I said it’s all good, all good" Communism stinks and gee

wilikers, not only is it 90 miles from Key West, it has struck

my home!

There’s a cold blooded killer stalking the town
Cop cars blinkin’, something bad going down
Buildings are crumbling in the neighborhood
but it’s nothing to worry about, cause it’s all good
It’s all good

"There’s a cold blooded killer" killer slang: having an

impressive or effective power or impact; a formidable enemy, a

Maoist "stalking" following or observing a person persistently,

especially out of obsession or derangement "the town" New York

City as in New York Town "Cop cars blinkin’, police are wavering

or backing down, as in a contest of wills "something bad going

down" Dylan’s 30th Birthday Party Sunday May 24, 1972 "Buildings

are crumbling in the neighborhood" Dylan townhouse is falling

into decay or ruin, and he has to move; Idiot Wind "The priest

wore black on the seventh Day and sat stone faced while the

building burned" I "burned down his crib" drug slang; made it

useless by bringing the heat or the rips around "but it’s

nothing to worry about, cause it’s all good!

I’m gonna pluck off your beard and blow it in your face
This time tomorrow I’ll be roaming in your place
I wouldn’t change a thing, even if I could
You know what they say
They say it’s all good, it’s all good
O yeah

"I’m gonna pluck off your beard" after he beat me up, as a coup

de gras, Dylan plucked off my FREE BOB DYLAN button from my work

shirt and threw it to the ground. I had been court marshaled,

demoted in rank, and my medals were stripped from my uniform, I

was disgraced "beard" something that serves to divert suspicion

or attention from another thing such as the fact that I was not

as militant as I pretended to be "blow it in your face" throw it

in your face in numerous poems, Idiot Wind "I waited for you on

the running board" Journey Through Dark Heat "the laughter down

on Elizabeth Street" "This time tomorrow" When the Night Comes

Falling From the Sky, "This time tomorrow I’ll know you better /

When my memory is not so short" "I’ll be roaming" wandering

about in search of something; Idiot Wind "in your place" a

business establishment or office, in this case a safe house from

which pot was sold. As stated Lord Oliver Foot was a mutual

friend who often visited the office "I wouldn’t change a thing,

even if I could" I wouldn’t get you busted, even though I could

have "You know what they say / They say it’s all good, it’s all

good / O yeah"

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On the situation today

¿¿Alguien con una pizca de sentido común duda que la izquierda es una fabrica de miseria y pobreza??, solo hay que ver la trayectoria del socialismo en la historia de la humanidad, la de guerras, muertes, hambre, genocidios, etc, que llevan acumulados es impresionante, pero sobre todo es porque si hiciesen lo que pregonan, sacasen a los pobres de la miseria en lugar de crear mas, terminarían por no tener sentido de existir, ya que se quedarían si base social que les vote... para evitarlo su verdadera meta es criar ganado, miseria, ignorancia, calamidad, hambre... apareciendo los mismos que la causan como los salvadores... es siempre lo mismo, el problema es el nivel del ganado, los 11 millones que les votan, eso si es terrible y dramático.
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On the situation today

Aprovechando las nuevas e importantísimas conclusiones del informe sobre explosivos actualizo el comentario del artículo anterior.


Tiene toda la razón además no se olvide que se le encontró la fórmula de la cloratita que utiliza ETA. No creo necesario demostrar lo que es vox populi, que son los contactos y confluencia de intereses entre “islamistas de andar por casa” y la banda terrorista ETA. Disponemos de muchísimos testimonios y conversaciones, varios protagonizados por la misma gente implicada en el 11M en una y otra banda.

Permítame que me adhiera a su comentario anterior de respuesta a “fplrd”. Lo suscribo en su integridad punto por punto.

Situémonos en el contexto temporal:
FG según Zapatero al rato del atentado el mismo 11M, iba contando del 11M “Ha sido ido una joint-venture entre islamistas y etarras".

Recordemos los suicidas de la SER, que considero que resulta mucho más grave que fuese una información verdadera que falsa la obtenida de sus “supuestas tres fuentes”. es otra prueba más que la SER y sus acólitos tenían fuentes que conocían de antemano el guión de lo que iba a ocurrir. O como escribió PJ en elmundo, en su artículo sobre la joint-venture del 11M, su duda era que gente de dentro de las FCsE no solo “conocían el guión de lo que iba a ocurrir sino que contribuyeron a pergeñarlo”.

Zapatero a Pedro Jota: "tenemos gente dentro".

Se ve que desconoces absolutamente como ha funcionado la policía y las FCsE y el Cni durante las varias legislaturas del PP y Psoe, y la política de limpieza y nombramiento en puestos claves del psoe durante sus “nueve años” a los que hace alusión ZP.

Busca y pregunta por Gabriel Fuentes y por Jambrina, aquél de la operación Mengele, (mendigos muertos) al que salvó Rubalcaba “exiliado” a una embajada de América Latina durante la presidencia de Aznar y que volvió antes del 11M.

Tal vez empieces a entender.

Y pregunta por lo que se dijo en la reunión en la cárcel entre Barrionuevo Corcuera y Galindo. Y pos sus infiltrados en los varios grupos terroristas. Y por Vera y el despacho de la junta de Extremadura puesto a su disposición.

Y sobre todo, y como comento en el anterior comentario, pregunta por la abogada y sobrina famosa. Y porqué consiguió que la policía esperara ante la puerta de la hermana y su marido (hermano del marido de Nayat fadal propietaria de la finca de Morata y brazo derecho de Abu Dahdah el responsable de Al Qaeda en España) mientras lo de dentro quemaban documentos comprometedores. Para aclararlo los dos hermanos Neddl Accaid sirios (AL QAEDA fetén) están casados a su vez con dos hermanas ceutís propietarias de Morata mientras su marido reposaba sus huesos en la cárcel junto con Abu Dahdah.

Las cloacas que no se atrevió Aznar a limpiar, debido a varias presiones que aquí no vamos a debatir por mi parte al menos, sabían que una legislatura más del PP acabaría con ellas sacándolas a la luz y debilitándolas de tal manera que fuesen arrinconados, se les retirarán los de los resortes del poder a los que estaban acostumbrados, e incluso juzgados.

Recuperemos otra vez a ZP: “nueve años gobernando….Tenemos gente dentro”.

El pecado del PP haberse dejado “teledirigir “según confesión del propio Astarloa, no habiendo atrevido a imaginarse que otros españoles fuesen capaces de realizar para quitarles el poder.

¿Quién le dejó el mapa del corredor de Henares encontrado ensangrentado encima del escritorio de Acebes el mismo 11M de la furgoneta de ETA puso una de las tantas miguitas?. El Cni en todos los informes iniciales (incluso posteriores a la parición de la Kangoo “tuneada” en la comisaria de Canillas durante los famosos 45 minutos fantasmas que no aparecen en los informes policiales) señalaba también a ETA.

Y que hoy se ha demostrado que el cartucho que nos quisieron hacer creer apareció en la famosa bolsa azul de la kangoo, y la muestra enviada para cotejar provenía del mismo origen. Una nueva demostración científica que señala al laboratorio de los TEDAX (sito en la comisaria de Canillas a la que antes hago alusión) como el lugar donde se rellenó la kangoo.

¿La pregunta ahora es quién dio las órdenes para que tres horas después del atentado se enmascarase la autoría? Manzano confesó en su círculo íntimo que lo que hay detrás del 11M es más grave de todo lo que la gente podía imaginar, (cuando ocurrió, la disyuntiva más extendida era elegir entre ETA o AL Qaeda, que hoy sabemos muy superada por todo lo que sabemos).

Queda claro que los mindunguis musulmanes e islamistas protegidos por cloacas, necesitaban de “profesionales” de la muerte que les montaran las bombas. Tal vez por eso, por su acuerdo de apoyar a cambio de permanecer ocultos, Jamal Ahmidan prohibió a sus compinches acudir a la finca de Morata mientras una semana antes, inquilinos sin identificar montaban las bombas.

El guión es conocido, y podríamos estar varias horas describiendo todos los detalles.

Faltaba saltar a luz pública, y puesto que las dudas están ampliamente extendidas entre la mayoría en la población española, si aceptamos los resultados de sus encuestas, solo falta que se conviertan en certezas. La información no es la última que saldrá, ni es tampoco la primera que empieza a dar pistas sobre las tramas ocultas hasta la fecha. El informe de 500 páginas es un punto y siguiente.

Es largo, y no habría lugar aquí, pero espero contribuir a que reflexiones antes que recurras a simples falsedades más que desmontadas por la realidad. Hay quienes prefieren seguir sumergidos en sus fuentes de información desacreditadas reiteradamente que acudir a fuentes que pongan en entredicho sus convicciones. El proceso es imparable. Los GAL necesitaron 7 años, el plazo para el 11M será sin duda será menor por la gravedad de los hechos y el volumen de información disponible para todo aquel que quiera buscar e informarse sin prejuicios.
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Swine Influenza


Swine influenza (illness in pigs) is caused by influenza A viruses. Influenza A viruses of swine origin can cause influenza in humans. General information about influenza A viruses is presented in the bullet points below.

  • Descriptive information
    • Influenza A viruses are negative-sense single-stranded RNA viruses and belong to the family Orthomyxoviridae and the genus Influenzavirus A. 
    • Enveloped virions are 80 to 120 nm in diameter, are 200 to 300 nm long, and may be filamentous. They consist of spike-shaped surface proteins, a partially host-derived lipid-rich envelope, and matrix (M) proteins surrounding a helical segmented nucleocapsid (6 to 8 segments).
    • The virus envelope glycoproteins (hemagglutinin [HA] and neuraminidase [NA]) are distributed evenly over the virion surface, forming characteristic spike-shaped structures; antigenic variations in these proteins form the basis of the classification system for influenza A virus subtypes.
  • Influenza A virus subtypes
    • There are 16 different HA antigens (H1 to H16) and nine different NA antigens (N1 to N9) for influenza A.
    • Human disease historically has been caused by three subtypes of HA (H1, H2, and H3) and two subtypes of NA (N1 and N2). More recently, human disease has been recognized to be caused by additional HA subtypes, including H5, H7, and H9 (all from avian origin).
    • All of these subtypes have been found in birds, and birds are the primordial reservoir for influenza A viruses.
    • Several subtypes have been found in pigs
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On the situation today


 Sin más comentarios...............juzgad por vosotros mismos. Todas las
 partidas se pueden comprobar el la web de sus ministerios, os lo digo
 porque hay estudios que parecen de coña pero lo visto sí existen y están
 Zapatero no me sube el sueldo porque dice que hay crisis.
 Veamos dónde está la crisis..........
 - Investigación sobre la Concha Brillante 28000 euros (entregados por Montilla).
 - Trasvase a la Policía Catalana 523 millones de euros.
 - Análisis del grado de hibridación entre la codorniz común y la codorniz
 japonesa, 11.872 euros.
 - Valoración de las necesidades formativas de las Fuerzas Armadas
 españolas', 11.950 euros.
 - 'Estudio de la organización interna del gabinete del consejero Salvador
 Milà', 10.000 euros.
 - 'Análisis de las relaciones entre Cataluña, España y Europa', 12.000
 - 'Estudio para explorar un nuevo logotipo de la Generalitat' 26.100
 - 'Estudio sobre el estado actual de la gaviota corsa en la costa
 mediterránea', 22.000 euros.
 - 'eSTUDIO sobre la genética de la lenteja en Mauritania'.
 - Esta es de mis favoritas: 'estudio sobre como AHORRAR ENERGIA Y
 ECONOMIA' PRECIO: 145000 EUROS (ná, 24 milloncejos)
 - 1.000.000 euros para ayudas a Somalia (a los españoles e hipotecados no
 nos hace falta).
 - 600000 euros en propaganda del PSOE.
 - 10.000.000 euros a Nigeria (las gracias se las podeis dar a De la Vega) pais exportador de petróleo
 216 millones de pesetas (normal que hayais tenido que darles 523
 milloncejos de euros pa que paguen a la policia)
 ponerse hasta el culo.
 - ESPAÑA ES EL PAIS que mas altos cargos políticos tiene.
 - 163 millones de euros para UGT Y CCOO.
 - 14 millones de euros para Ayudas a Afganistán (españolitos a apretarse
 el cinturón porque hay crisis, dicen)
 - 10 millones doscientos mil euros para Africa en ayuda contra el sida, en
 España 2 millones y medio de personas en el paro.
 - La Sra. De la Vega se fue a ayudar a sudamerica a los necesitados de
 habla hispana: para ello necesito 600 mil euros en Puerto Principe, 67
 millones en puerto Rico, 23 millones en Acapulco para arreglos de playas
 turísticas, 4.5 millones en Santo Domingo.
 - Solo en el departamento de sanidad de la comunidad de Madrid hay 1000
 liberados sindicales; con sus sueldos se podría hacer un hospital para 400
 camas cada año.
 - Los 644 asesores del gobierno cuestan a las arcas 20 millones de euros.
 (seiscientos cuarenta y cuatro, habeis leido bien, es jodido pensar por si
 - hay 25000 personas mas en cargos ministeriales.
 - El chalet de De la Vega costó 720.000 euros.
 - 88 millones de euros para el cine español (recompensa al apoyo electoral
 mostrado guiñando la ceja a todos los famosos que antes eran comunistas y
 ahora son de izquierdas)
 - 1.2 millones de euros para el 'telefono de los hombres' (educar la
 masculinidad según la Srta. Ministra Bibiana Aído)
 - 87600 euros para el sr rovira y su embajada en Paris.
 - 268 millones de euros de ayuda a Cuba.
 - Mesquida, ex director de la Guardia Civil sigue residiendo en una
 vivienda militar aunque ya no pertenece al cuerpo. (regalito de Zp)
 - 806.000 euros la factura electrica de la Moncloa (sin comentarios..., y
 eso que ha hecho un estudio sobre como AHORRAR ENERGIA)
 - 24 MILLONES MAS A CUBA para arreglar los destrozos del ultimo ciclón
 (con los 268 anteriores no fue suficiente)
 - 10.000 millones de euros a los bancos para levantarlos, a los españoles
 que les den por el culo, ya saben que para ello deben ponerse condón tal y
 como consta en el folleto de drogas y homosexualidad.
 Faltan muchísimos más, con lo cual me queda claro que de crisis nada.
 Pero eso sí: mala gestión tampoco, la culpa del desempleo y los demás
 problemas españoles es exclusivamente de Franco, que no les dejó suficiente para ir chupando por los siglos de los siglos.



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El que este señor sea uno de los máximos exponentes de la cultura española nos indica qué caminos transitamos.

Empezó imitando a John Waters aferrándose a la transgresión como único mérito para triunfar en la España alucinada y bisoña de entonces.

No lo hizo mal con "Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto" quizás la única cinta meritoria de don Pedro, después: TELENOVELAS.

Toda su obra se basa en un histrionismo ridículo inspirado en Cristal, Lucecita y las novelitas que escuchaba su mamá en la radio y que después verían sus hermanas en la televisión. Transmuta personajes que en esas obritas son chachas inocentes o condes muy malos, por amaricados despropósitos de travestidos traumatizados, homosexuales donjuanescos o los traumas del progrerío histérico.

Un tipo de cine pastiche que pretende retratar emociones y que se queda en la impostura, limitado en el bosquejo amateur de una obra de fin de curso sustentada por el poderío del emporio PRISA.

Un paleto oscarizado por la confusión de franceses y hollywoodianos que suponen que la vanguardia española es el colorín almodavariano.

TELENOVELA, lo tuyo es pura telenovela.

Si esto es cine Sócrates tenía chocho
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Dylan feels a change comin' on but doesn't like what he sees

BOB DYLAN has delivered his verdicts on the greatest names in popular music over the past half century. Dylan, who turned 68 on Sunday, uses an interview with Rolling Stone magazine to list Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and the Beatles as among those he most admires.

He reveals the existence of long-lost recordings he did with Cash, hints at a possible collaboration with Paul McCartney, and expresses relief that he never met Elvis, his teenage inspiration.

Dylan had several invitations to Graceland in the 1960s, but had no desire to meet a hero who was past his best and along the way to drug addiction.

"I wanted to see the powerful, mystical Elvis that had crash-landed like a burning star on to American soil," Dylan told the magazine. "The Elvis that was bursting with life. That's the Elvis that inspired us to all the possibilities of life. And that Elvis was gone, had left the building."

Dylan's interview with the US author and historian Douglas Brinkley comes a month after the release of his album Together Through Life, his 33rd release in a career spanning 46 years.

Dylan reveals an acute awareness of his status as a survivor of pop's early hall of fame. The only other contemporary he considers senior to himself is guitarist Chuck Berry, 82. "As long as Chuck Berry's around, everything's as it should be."

Dylan describes the late country singer Johnny Cash, with whom he collaborated occasionally, as a man who had his bad patches. Cash, who died in 2003, did some "notorious low-grade stuff" in his later years, he says. "I do miss him. But I started missing him about 10 years before he kicked the bucket."

He reveals that while on tour in the 1960s, he and Cash spent time in London hotels singing into a tape recorder. Another singer he would like to collaborate with is McCartney. "I'd like one day to sit down and work with Paul."

Originally a folk singer, Dylan was famously branded a "Judas" by his early fan base after swapping his acoustic guitar for electric and embracing modern rock'n'roll.

Yet 40 years on, he is less enthusiastic about innovations such as YouTube, iPods and video games. "It robs [youth] of their self-identity," he says. "It's a shame to see them so tuned out to real life."

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Someone said this, I agree to it

Bob will get you through times of no dope better than dope will get you through times of no Bob.

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In India, A Fan's Annual Tribute To Bob Dylan


May 27, 2009 - Thirty-seven years have elapsed since musician Lou Majaw first decided to honor the birthday of his icon, Bob Dylan, with an annual celebration in the remote, pine-crested hills of northeastern India.

Empires and ideologies have risen and fallen, but the 62-year-old Majaw has held to his word.

Every year since then, he has staged a celebration of music and poetry on Dylan’s birthday in India, even though sometimes no one came, and it sometimes poured rain.

"It’s because of the respect I have for Dylan," said Majaw, as he prepared to mark Dylan’s birthday in the town of Shillong, on Sunday. "I respect him as a lyricist, as a writer of songs and poetry."

Dylan turned 68 this year. This time, Majaw had workers erect a stage on a local weed-choked basketball arena.

As he prepared to perform, Majaw seemed blissfully undeterred by the dark clouds swirling menacingly overhead.

He even seemed cheerful, energetically darting around the stage in skimpy sawn-off denim shorts, a shiny blue necklace and bright white sneakers to the sound of Dylan songs.

Left Speechless At The Power Of Dylan

Majaw first heard Dylan in 1966. He has yet to forget the impact it made. "I just could not say anything — and then later on I said, ’Hey this is it.’ It had so much power!"

"If people really, really listen, if they really see the meaning of what Dylan’s writings are — I am sure that we shouldn’t have had any war; everything would be so peaceful."

Eight out of 10 Indians are Hindus. But in Shillong most people are Christians, a byproduct of the British colonialists and the Western missionaries who appeared during their rule.

The missionaries brought in music, and the English language. This seems to have fused with a strong local tribal tradition of music-making to create a community that is unusually receptive to Western music, including rock ’n’ roll.

A Strong Musical Tradition

"Here in the hills everyone loves music," said Banteilang Rumnong, head of a cultural organization representing the Khasi tribal population, which dominates in this corner of India and has a strong musical tradition of its own. "Khasi always says that you should always learn to laugh. When a Khasi celebrates, then he celebrates it with music. It sets the soul free."

His words seem to hold true on the streets.

The people of Shillong may not know Bob Dylan too well. But every other resident appears to play an instrument, learned by ear.

Few are as musical as Majaw himself, especially when he is singing Dylan.

Several hundred people braved the rain to hear him and his fellow musicians perform on Dylan’s birthday.

No one seemed disappointed.

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