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Se muestran los artículos pertenecientes a Junio de 2010.

Prague, Czech Republic June 11, 2010

The real highlight of the night was Ballad of a thin man. I guess i have
seen Bob doing that song maybe 20-30 times since 1978, but I have never seen it
as good as tonight. All my friends agreed on that.

Steinar Daler

1. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Bob on keyboard then guitar)
2. Lay, Lady, Lay (Bob center stage on guitar)
3. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Bob center stage on guitar)
4. Just Like A Woman (Bob on keyboard then center stage on harp)
5. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ (Bob center stage on guitar, Donnie on trumpet)
6. Shelter From The Storm (Bob on keyboard)
7. Honest With Me (Bob on keyboard)
8. Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob on keyboard then center stage on guitar)
9. Cold Irons Bound (Bob center stage on harp)
10. Workingman’s Blues #2 (Bob on keyboard then center stage on harp)
11. Highway 61 Revisited (Bob on keyboard)
12. I Feel A Change Comin’ On (Bob on keyboard)
13. Thunder On The Mountain (Bob on keyboard)
14. Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob center stage on harp)
15. Like A Rolling Stone (Bob on keyboard)
16. Jolene (Bob on keyboard)
17. All Along The Watchtower (Bob on keyboard)
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