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On islam

One of the key contradictions of Western foreign policy toward the Middle East is the strong alliance with Saudi Arabia. With its vast oil resources and its strategic location between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, staunchly anticommunist Saudi Arabia became a key Western ally during the Cold War.

This alliance with the West and the influx of enormous oil revenues since the 1970s have allowed Saudi Arabia to export its brand of Sunni Islam, named Wahhabism after its founder Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, encouraging the homogenization of Islamic practices around the world after the model of the Wahhabiya. Known for its rejection of pre-Islamic history, visitation of tombs, the mixing of men and women, its zeal to purify Islam from allegedly deviant practices (such as Sufism and Shiism) and its disdain for other religions, the Wahhabiya was a puritan movement that gave religious legitimacy to the conquests of the Al Saud.

The United States teamed up with Saudi Arabia to undermine the Soviet Union in 1980s Afghanistan. This cooperation with radical Islam was to have disastrous consequences and the rise of Al Qaeda and ISIS is an outcome of this pairing of an alluring ideology with the resources of an oil-rich state allied to a global superpower.

The spread of extremist Islamist ideology is then as much a result of Western foreign policy as of Saudi machinations. Western and Gulf support for the rebels in Syria followed a similar path as the one observed in Afghanistan, before ISIS started to turn against the West and the Gulf states. But it is no coincidence that ISIS is adopting Saudi religious textbooks in its schools, killing Shia in Saudi Arabia just like the early Wahhabi zealots wanted to, and generally garnering much support on a popular level in the kingdom.
It's time to change this policy.

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On islam

Would someone explain to me why we spend billions fighting terrorist who are sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Qatar the ars*s of both which are kissed frantically and furiously by our government.

Kill the paymasters and the the employees will die also. The Saudis threatened to disrupt the winter games in
Russia because they could not get their own way. However, Putin convinced them that if they wanted their country in one piece they would think no more about it. Suffice to say the winter games were not disrupted.

We should break off diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, as should any other country sick of fighting terrorists. If there is a war to be fought its against the Saudis and their evil wahabism.

How can we send our troops to war knowing full well they are fighting against terrorist sponsored by Saudi Arabia. To hell with our arms exports to them. For too long we have been kissing the Saudi ar*e.

Its time we gave it a damn good kicking.

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On islam

Daesh was introduced by the establishment and the controlled media in an attempt to disassociate, in the minds of the general public, this group of Islamic fundamentalists away from any connection with Islam. Hence, you remove Islam from their description.

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On islam

Where is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, unlike the Pope you never see him out and about..... How pathetic that a man who has declared himself as the caliph is never seen!.... Why doesn't he lead his brutal army from the front, instead of giving orders while hiding in a cave?.... The Pope goes out in public to spread his message! He was even in Kenya not that long ago, We've never seen Abu there talking to al shabaab....you scared Abu? is your faith in Allah only surface deep, and not enough to come out of hiding!..... And your sermon at the Grand Mosque in Mosul where you anointed yourself as the caliph failed to mention a few critical key points, that you purposely avoided because you know you're a Fugazzi a FAKE CALIPH!!! a murderous tyrant using religion as a cheap armour to acquire rank and political power!

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On islam

The demographics, as evidenced by the census and Office of National Statistics, show that we and France will be Muslim majority states within 30 years (unless deranged international liberal policies are replaced by sensible racist and nationalist ones.)

Between us we have some 1,000 inter-Continental nuclear missiles.

This isn't a game. But at present, deluded PC politicians (and perhaps traitors), suicidal Christian altruists and general liberal fluffheads think that's it's ok to replace us with Muslims and Africans as though we are interchangeable!. If this doesn't change we will need a dictator to stop our military power from falling into the hands of a Muslim democracy.

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